Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Faith and Patience

Allow me to reintroduce you to two of life's biggest secrets to unlocking the entire world to you. Faith and Patience. In order to achieve anything, these are two of the key elements that you must have within you. Along with, drive, determination, will, and self esteem, these two attributes can take you anywhere you'd like to go. Belief and faith go hand in hand. If you believe in God then you must have faith. In order to believe in yourself, you must believe in God. Gather your thoughts and leave your mind open to any and all possibilites, and leave no room for negative thought to plague your pending prosperity. If you want something, you can't sit around moaning about not being able to get it. I can't is an outrageous and a very untrue statement. It is the words of someone who is lost nd needs to be redirected. You can do anything in this world, and can be whatever it is you wish to be. Sometimes in order to reach your goals, you must dream past them. Also, sometimes it takes encouragement from people outside of your circle because in some cases, the people closest to you are the ones who bring you down the furthest. If there is anything that you absolutely love to do, then that, is exactly what you should be doing.

Be Blessed.