Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Remember Me?

Remember Me
i remember how
we used to be cool like
you were my brother and
my mother
was your mother
and my pops....i think you get it
sometimes i don't know when to stop
when reminiscin on the past
wondering why some things don't last
as if our lives just fade away
and face to face just stays away but
here i am man looking at you
and it's like i just looked at you
for the first time...

ain't that somethin...
how time molds you
and makes you step outside your own shoes
just to fit inside another's
artificial man just stutter-ring through life
like dogs through hoops and
you keep throwing balls through hoops just
trying to score high as the next one
elevation stops at your neck
and then you stop.
and you realize
you don't recognize self anymore.

Original Writing By Don Savant
©2008 Real Writers/The Writer's Block™ Publishing, A Division of Black Son™ Enterprises, An SC Conglomerate Affiliate
All Rights Reserved