Friday, October 24, 2008

How Do People Perceive You?

how do you carry yourself? are you one of those that walks around with the angry face as if the world owes you a favor? do you realize that you're losing opportunities by doing so? the more approachable you seem, the more likely you are to come in contact with someone who may be able to help you reach your golas. i'm not saying go skipping around smiling and singing showtunes but... if you carry yourself in a way that exudes trust to others, they will be inspired to approach you.

i'll give an example. had i not been approached by the right person at the right time, i wouldn't have a publishing contract right now. somone approached me asking if i knew who to contact and where he could go to get his book sold. after i pointed a few places out to him i started asking questions about his publishing company...a year later, i'm with the same company. all because he thought i looked approachable and look like someone to him, that could answer his question. now we're about to exchange autographed copies of each other's books and he's hooked me up with the names of some people to contact.

i know some of you are young and still wanna do this and that's time to wake up and get your lives together. stop thinking about the streets and focus more on "the office" whether it's finishing school, going after the job of your dreams, or starting your own business.

it really does make a difference when you attract and use the right people to get where you need to be. attitude reflects leadership but... if it's the wrong type of attitude, the only thing you'll ever be led to is a situation of struggle. find out what you want to do with your life...figure out what your skills are and what you're most content with and go for it. it's makes a huge difference to those around you when instead of saying...oh lord, there he/she goes as opposed to heyyyy there he/she goes!!!!!!!!

make sure that someone in your life is proud of what you're doing with yourself. and when you do become successful, show others how they can be a success as well.

this has been a don savant public service announcement.