Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson

People say all this time that they grew up listening to Michael Jackson. I can remember spending countless hours in my uncle's room at my grandmother's as a child listening to, singing along with, and attempting to dance just like Michael. I was four years old when the Off The Wall album was released and there was always something about his music from beginning to end that always inspired me. He was an entertainer completely and thoroughly. Some of his music made you laugh, some made you cry, then there were those songs that made you sit up, stand up, pay attention, take a deeper look at yourself and try to do better. No matter what he did, you could always feel it. It was always sad to me how the media repeatedly tried to bring him down over the years. I'm still saddened and shock by the loss of this man, a worldwide icon, and will be sure to share his work with my nieces and nephews, and someday, my own kids. He was truly, the greatest of all time. He will continue to inspire and influence individuals all over but, there will never be anyone else like him.