Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer Is Almost Here!!!

I know it's already hot outside and the flip flops and sandals, short shorts and skirts have already come out but there's still a few more weeks before summer is official. Summer is my favorite season because it's gives more freedom in a sense than the other three season do. You have cookouts, swimming pools, trips to the park, the beach. There are so many more activities that you can do during those few months. The only real bad thing is the heat but, you can always find ways to cool off, which adds to your list of activities. I can't wait to go on vacation next month, not because I'm going somewhere but because it will be seven wonder-filled days away from work. If y'all get out and have some fun this summer, make sure you be careful and watch out for others just as much as you watch out for yourself. Y'all be blessed.