Saturday, September 5, 2009

Be Encouraged.

Sometimes it rains in our lives and the things we'd hoped to accomplished slip through the cracks. Some people see this as the time to be frustrated, and to give up on your dreams. In actuality, that rain could be your blessing beginning to shower you and to move in your life. If you ever want anything that will carry value, you've got to work for it. It won't be easy but it's not impossible. Those low moments are the ones that are designed to give us the most hope, the most determination and drive to more forward with what we're doing. After it rains...guess what comes? Sunshine. Hard times are what testimonies are made of and it's up to us to keep our faith long enough to have our own personal one. It's easy to say thank you Lord when things are going your way but if you say it before you go through, while you're going through and after you've been through, you'll find that you'll appreciate your journey a lot more. Keep your head skyward and your spirits lifted and he will carry you.

-Don Savant