Friday, November 27, 2009

A Word From Don

I have a message to share. In this life, we get caught up in things we shouldn't. We try to take situations into our own hands when we already know we shouldn't. We go through our lives trying to impress others only to find out that he, she, they, or them, has been talking about you behind your back all along. Then we get discounraged and wonder where we went wrong. That discouragement then turns to anger, and before you know it, we adopt a me against the world attitude that does nothing but make our situations even worse.

The only person in the world that we have to prove anything to or impress is God. As long as we are doing what we're supposed to do, which includes being a blessing to others, it shouldn't matter who likes you or who doesn't. It shouldn't matter who's talking about you and what they are saying because you are a child of God and anyone that is speaking against you is also speaking against Him that created you and he will in turn deal with that or those individuals in His way. Retaliation is not yours to have. The Lord said Vengeance is Mine. Your blessings are measured in part by how much of a blessing you are to others, and if you're constantly falling into a battles with other human beings that you are not supposed to be fighting, you hinder yourself from being able to freely walk through those doors of opportunity when they are opened before you.

Life is full of surprises, it is full of setbacks, it is full of joy, and it encompasses every emotion available to man. However, the bottom half of those emotions were not meant to be displayed past the moment. Do encouraging things, read encouraging words, learn encouraging practices, prainse and encouraging God, and take everything that has encouraged you and pass it down to others because you never know who or how many around you, be they friend, family, or stranger, may need their blessing in that moment.

Thank you and God Bless.

-Don Savant