Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pay It Forward

Good morning friends and family. I am so grateful to see another day. I'm also grateful that all of you have as well. When we lie down at night, there's no guarantee that we'll rise this morning I ask this...Are you satisfied with what you're doing? Are you doing what you've always dreamed you'd do, or are you still "wishing" you could do it? Have you inspired, encouraged, or complimented anyone today? It's easy to criticize, or speak about what you don't like about someone or something...but what good comes of tearing someone down? WHy can't we build each other up? Are we afraid that someone might get more than what we have? Then go get yours...stop worrying about what he or she has and go get you some of your own. We all have the potential to do or be anything we want. Don't let your life's situations ever tell you otherwise. If you have information that you know will benefit others, pass it along...someone may need that..stop keeping things that are designed to prosper to yourselves....y'all ain't ready for this message today...I see networking going on between individuals all the time...and it brings a smile to my face each time I see it....but then it also saddens me...why? Because it's never "us", that I see sharing prosperity with one another. Every where I go...I see people attempting to build each other up, sharing information that could prove beneficial to others...but it's never "us". We have got to do better. We say a lot, but we never "do" anything. Our word can never be taken seriously. If we say we'll be there at 10, we don't show up until 2. If we say we got you, we always forget about you. If we say we support usually start and ends with those words. Imagine how far we'd be if our pride didn't blind us.