Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What Happens When We Run Out Of Original Ideas?

With everything being remade, rebooted and rehashed, it seems that people in this world may be running out of original ideas? If you notice though, the people that are turning the world into a huge series of reruns are mostly made up of the people that gave us the originals that we loved so much. We need fresh faces, fresh ideas, fresh concepts in the world right now, but the sad thing is, those that complain the most are the ones that are willing to do the least to change things. What am I saying? I'm saying that if you really want things to change, someone has to step up and change them. Get your priorities in check and get out there and make a difference. Be that next big name in music and/or movies, be that next big producer and/or director. Write that Oscar winning screenplay. Instead of trying to figure out what new drug to try next, or how drunk and high you can get on a daily basis, but your true talents to work. The world needs you to stand up and take your place. Y'all are the future...but sadly enough...this probably won't get through to a lot of you, simply because your heads are stuck in a hazy cloud of smoke.

It's time to be those original ideas that the world needs. I'm about to play my part...what role will you take on? We can do this!!!