Saturday, March 19, 2011


There was a tragic event that occurred in my city today involving something that has been a source of recreation in one of our area parks for generations. I've been thinking about the many occasions when my sisters, cousins, friends, even parents, aunts and uncles went to this park and rode the train that was involved. Now something that used to bring us all joy has brought us sorrow. There were dozens injured and a six year old lost his life. My thoughts and prayers are with all of the parties involved. I'm not ashamed to say that my eyes have been misty ever since I learned of this tragedy. My spirit has been solemn, and my heart has been beating at half staff. I can only imagine the sounds of anguish, of pain and heartache that were expressed at the scene of this event today.

This has caused me to take a moment to reflect. Even though, I make it a daily practice not to take things in my life for granted, I do slip up at times. I am a human being and we do tend to have errors and lapses in judgment from time to time. What's been on my mind though is how I want to do and be so much more but can't seem to move from where I am. This tragedy has made me realize that at any given moment things can change drastically, whether it's for the best or for the worst. This train derailment was most definitely a worst case scenario for the people involved, yet still, there are some even in the midst of this, that are in a better position than others. I'm grateful for this realization. I don't know exactly what's in God's plan for me, but I do know that He has one. I also know that it may involve my passion for writing, as well as raising awareness on some of the issues that I've faced in my life.

It has also made me realize how important it is for us to love one another, to stand together despite our differences. We should encourage one another instead of discouraging one another. Age,sex,religion,race, or any other petty obstacle should not draw boundaries around us as human beings. We share life here, and it should be shared peacefully with all the love in our hearts that we can give. Let's life our brothers and sisters up in prayer. Let's let God lead us instead of us leaving Him. It's all in His hands, and I hope that all I do from this point on causes Him to look down upon me and say "well done". I love you all.

-Don Savant