Saturday, March 26, 2011

Growth Is Inevitable.

In every aspect of our lives, growth is necessary. From birth forward, it is a part of our process of living. Just as a seed will grow into a flower or a tree..even fruits and vegetation for us to consume, we must experience growth. This applies mentally, spiritually, and physically. We can also experience emotional growth as well, with it being tied in with the other three aspects in different scenarios and situations. The physical aspect is the most inevitable part of the process. We experience physical changes to our bodies our entire lives. The mental and spiritual part of the process is completely up to us. If you have dreams, visions and goals in your lives, none of them can ever come to fruition if not for some type of growth. When we learn, it strengthens us. It builds something within us that keeps us thirsting and starving for more. When education is introduced, whether by self, or someone else, it stirs up something in most individuals. There are some, however, who feel as if they already possess all the necessary knowledge required to make it through life. I can't even begin to make a judgment on that, so I'm speaking from an individual standpoint. If I'm not constantly learning...I feel that I'm stunting my growth. With my dreams, my visions, and my goals I must continue to learn. I must continue to build myself and strengthen my knowledge factor in order to achieve those things that I plan to accomplish. From a spiritual standpoint, I must continue to learn about God and grow from what I've learned, essentially so that I will possess the things I need for myself, as well as for others who seek Him as well. This is also necessary because what we take in, we are not meant to hold and keep for ourselves. To share is to bless others. Being a blessing to others brings about more blessings for you to be shared. It's a cycle that needs to come full circle in order for all of us to thrive. Without growth...we can't truly live. Let's grow together.

-Don Savant