Tuesday, May 17, 2011



Many times in our lives
we encounter...things...
that challenge us to the
very core
of our existence

all things that we
KNOW we have figured out
we question
the validity of
wonder if
what we thought we knew
was the truth or
if it was
something that we
have falsified
within our own minds...

deterred from our purpose we
reach for things...
grasping at straws if you will
and we
form skepticism
placing the
"what if" stamp
on every idea that comes about
while "I can't or shouldn't"
runs rampant through our souls

stand UP!!!
ladies and gentlemen and
claim what is yours
that you can do
whatever you put your mind to
no matter who or what
tells you otherwise

have faith in your gifts
and focus on the purpose
that God Himself
designed you for...
this is the source of your blessings
and the tool that is used
to be a blessing
to those who struggle
for the
same level of understanding
that you have sought out
and received

©2011 Don Savant, Poet Extraordinaire