Monday, July 11, 2011

Born Day

On this day in 1975 a baby boy was born. Ironically, Baby Boy was his name until his parents finally agreed one. They called him John.....

I'd just like to take a moment to display a little gratitude for my life. As human beings we go through life wishing, wanting and waiting. In between all of that we live. Some of us live better than others, but we all have a reason for living. I've been through some things that others may not have and others may have been through things that I have not. The bottom line is, we're still here. God places a will in us that surpasses everything on this earth except for His. God's will is the strongest that exists and it's the most important will in our lives.

I have grown so much over the years and I still have a lot of growth pending for the years to come. I celebrate each moment...each triumph, each failure...heartbreak and great moment. I treat each moment whether it's big or small with the most respect I can muster simply because I know that it's the small things that build you towards the bigger ones.

With that said...I'm so glad to be blessed to see another year come to me. It's been a long, rough, yet necessary road to get to where I am right now but there have been some of the greatest times ever in the midst of it all. I look forward to other moments as well, whether they surpass those moments or not.

I realize that no longer am I that baby boy that was presented to my parents all those years ago. I also realize that I'm still not where God plans for me to be but step by step through faith and patience I'm climbing the ladder that He built for me and let me tell you, I've been looking up every day and I have yet to see the top rung. Many people would be discouraged by that but it inspires me. It makes me want to reach higher because my life has no ceiling, my top rung does not exist because the higher I reach, the higher God takes me.

Never allow discouragement into your life. Always stay hungry and ready to be fed knowledge and learn as many lessons as you can while you're growing. That thirst within you should be one that's never fully quenched. Want more, do more, be more, achieve more and with every blessing you receive, be sure to pass something along to someone else.

Yours Truly,
Don Savant