Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Trust Yourself

Every situation we face in life requires some degree of trust. Whether it's trusting someone, something or even yourself, there's always somewhere in the midst.

When we face decisions in our lives, we often wonder which road we should travel. There's usually an easy way and a hard way; then sometimes there's something in between. Most of the time, we operate on a trial and error basis. However, there are times when the choices we must make may have a great positive or negative impact in our lives. These are the times that we must trust our natural instincts. Usually, if something doesn't feel right, it usually isn't. There may be some instances when fear will take over and stop you from doing something in particular when it's exactly what you were supposed to do. That fear produces a completely different feeling. We have to learn to be so in tune with ourselves that we can tell the difference between the two automatically.

We have to trust ourselves enough to make the right situational choices in our lives. I'm not saying that we shouldn't or will never fail at anything because failure is ultimately a major component of success. If you've never failed at anything, then you've never experienced true success.

Never be afraid to fail. That's another part of that trust. You have to trust that if and when you do fail that you will learn and grow from it, not allowing it to deter you from trying again because I can promise you that on one of your attempts, you will succeed.

If you're a singer, you have to trust that you will carry your notes well. If you're a writer, you have to trust that your reader(s) will read and be able to relate to your stories. If you're facing peer pressure, you have to trust that you won't give in to it If it's something you know you shouldn't be doing.

There are so many situations that can lead you to somewhere, someone and /or something great. But, there are also situations that can be harmful and/or fatal to you. Always trust that God will lead you to the right situation and that your gut feeling is usually the one to listen to. Take care, be blessed and be a blessing.

-Don Savant