Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bully (A Poem Written by Don Savant)


When you're growing up
You experience life...
And you learn that
Everyone that calls you friend
Really isn't and
Everyone that swears you're an enemy
Never gave themselves a chance to know you

There's always been that
Metaphorical beast in your life from
Your first days on the playground
Until you've grown and gone corporate

Kids are
Pushed down in the sand box and
Kicked at the playground

Teenagers are
Pressured into sex and
Drugs and
Different types of sex and
More types of drugs

Adults are
Ridiculed and
Talked down upon and
Treated as inferior
By those who are a few rungs higher
On that corporate ladder but

No matter
Who you are or
What your age may be
A Bully
Is a Bully and
Speaking directly for self I
Plan to stand on my own from this day forth
and claim my independence
From the world...
The biggest bully of all

Stand up and be who you are regardless of who talks about you or what someone may try to do to or against you. Stay strong in your faith and continue your forward progression no matter what.

-Don Savant