Wednesday, October 5, 2011


What God has for me is for me, and there is no one or nothing on this Earth that can keep me from it but me. Now, I've personalized this because it that's what it is, personal. The things that happen between you and God are just that. He brings you through things to give you a testimony. You may then use that testimony to inspire others that may be going through something similar. Your testimony also gives you an appreciation for the things that you've been through that are now a part of your past.

To me that's the ultimate motivation. It's always been said that trouble doesn't last forever. In order to see for yourself that this is true, you have got to give whatever it is you're going through to God so that He can work it out for you. Trying to face your troubles on your own does nothing but prolong them. Always remember that as you're on your journey through your life, on your personal walk with Him. He will always lead you the right way. Trust that if you trust nothing else.

Much Love,

Don Savant