Saturday, November 19, 2011


In My Heart

I would like
to share with you
part of me and to
show you exactly
how deep my feelings for you are

but when I
look into your eyes
I don't see
I see
contentment as if
I'm satisfactory to you
in this passing moment and
as soon as you're ready
you'll be
on to the next one

I didn't mean
to feel this way but
there's just...
something about you that
makes me
want to be more than I
do more that I do and to
love harder
that I ever have before

so far I've
only given you a piece...
just a little touch...
of what I call
the outskirts
of my love but
I want to
give my all
I don't want to
hold back anymore
and to be honest...I'm not

I'm moving forward
no fear
no fear
no fear!!!
because I
just feel that
this is right and that
you are mine...
sent to me by God Himself
to love like
no other has ever loved before and
if I'm wrong then
so be it
because I guarantee
you'll never find a true
and complete love
that comes close
to the love that God has placed in me
for you

Written by: Don Savant