Monday, February 6, 2012

Don't Give Up!!!

If you feel you're not receiving the attention or recognition that you feel you deserve in what you're doing, don't let it frustrate you. I've seen many people quit something that they are great at, that they were meant to do all because they weren't getting the feedback and/or accolades they felt they deserved.

The truth is, we can't help but feel that we should be noticed for what we do but, the reality of it is, that won't always happen. However, there is ALWAYS someone checking for you. There is ALWAYS someone who appreciates you and what you do. They may not make themselves known or vocalize it to you but trust me when I say that they are taking note.

Your biggest opportunities in life will be offered by people you never knew existed, people that have been taking careful notes of what you do and have enjoyed it. You will have random people compliment you on what you do at the time when you least expect it. Let those moments keep you going. Let the fact that someone out there is digging what you do motivate you even when you don't see them. That's what faith is all about. Believing what and when you can't physically that see person or persons, that support or that love. It doesn't mean it's not there. You just have to have some patience and believe that what you're doing is not in vain.