Monday, June 25, 2012

The New Don Savant Biz Card

I would like to introduce you to my latest creation...My new business card.

I wrestled with what to put on it, as I didn't want to put too little, then I didn't want it too crowded either so I decided to leave off my e-mail address?


Well because my e-mail is already flooded on a daily basis with so much stuff and I didn't want to chance missing a potentially important e-mail. Also, because when giving out the card, it gives me the opportunity to vocalize my e-mail address to the person personally. When they look at it and say hey, your e-mail address isn't on here, I can tell them that I can be contacted viz the social media options that I included and that if they want to e-mail me directly, it's Then I get the opportunity to see how serious that person really was about contacting me by finding out if they actually remembered it or now if and when the e-mail comes through.

Makes sense to me.

Anyway. Here it is!!! I'm ready to pass these things out already!!!