Friday, July 5, 2013

Where Did Feminity Go?

I'm a man. With that said, I may not be the most masculine guy in the bunch. I'm not going to act tough, start fights, curse and drink to prove my manhood. You won't see me walking around holding myself, walking as if I may tip over with every step I take in the name of "swag" or mean-mugging everyone that crosses my path. I consider myself to be just a regular guy.

When it comes to women, however, I am a man to the core. I love women. God created them the way He did because He know we would love them. From the way they look, to the way they smell and dress. The way they talk, the way they walk and just who they are in the name of purpose.

I've noticed for years a steady decline in feminine or "lady-like" behavior amongst females. This scares me because I again, I love women and I love for my woman to act, to talk, to smell, to walk like and to be a woman. It may sound a little neanderthal but I love to see women in nice clothing that fits just right...not too loose and not too tight. I love to see women in sundresses walking as if their feet never touch the ground. I love when a woman walks by me and after that two second delay, her fragrance surrounds me and causes me to pause just for a moment to collect my thoughts on what I just experienced.

I like a woman to greet me by saying hello or hi, not "what's up" followed by a head nod. I like for a woman to greet me with a hug, not a handshake. When we part ways, don't "throw up the deuces", wave goodbye.

Men we need to step up and reclaim our roles in this world. We've been absent for so long that our women are becoming what we're supposed to be and that's a problem. It's a problem because there are more women sitting in the chairs at the barber shop. There are more women buying our jeans, wearing our fitted caps and using our lingo. There used to be a gender line that was never crossed. Now that line is either blurred beyond recognition or even worse, non-existent.

Ladies, embrace your femininity. Be emotional, be flirty, be coy. Smile and hug. Carry yourselves the way a woman ought to. You don't have to conform to the world's definition of beauty because God has already designed and created you as such. You are the most amazing and wonderful gift that man could ever receive. You are the reason the phrase "opposites attract" exists. Many believe that it means opposite personalities, but I feel it's much deeper than that.

I know that a lot of you have had to take on different responsibilities in your lives, that times are much different now but don't let the differences of the world make a difference in you. Let your hair down from time to time and just be...woman. In every proper sense of the gender. I love y'all.

-Don Savant, Poet Extraordinaire