Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Attitude Reflects...

Sometimes we see or interact with people and we leave them wondering why they act the way they do. I've done this many times myself. It happens most often in my field of work. People say things, do things, and act in ways that I'll never understand but at some point, I've come to realize that it's not about how they act towards me, it's how I react and act towards them. My personality has always has not so subtle hints of sarcasm and I've often used it to my advantage in certain O.T.J. situations. However, it always leaves me questioning myself, asking if that was the right way to handle it. If I can't say yes immediately, then I know what the answer is. I know that I must be careful of how I treat people because honestly, there's no telling what they've been through, or may be going through and you never know the circumstances that surround why they are the way they are. It just goes to show how imperfect this world and the people that inhabit it really are. Greet everyone with a smile, make sure it is sincere and keep it available in your heart always.