Wednesday, October 30, 2013


This is a poem I wrote yesterday for a new collection of poetry that I'm calling Naked Thoughts.


We are
Constantly losing our manhood
Continually being
Emasculated as
Our strength
And our purpose
Is slowly being stripped away

We are
Beginning to
Lose our ability
To be who we are
A seemingly staged identity crisis

Our pants are
Hanging lower
Than ever before
Exposing bits and pieces of us
That were never meant to be seen

Our passion for life
And our
Willingness to love
Feels like more of
An afterthought
Than the prominent
Stand out features
That used to
Promote who we are…

The vasectomy
That the world is performing on us
Stunting our growth
And keeping us
From being
The brothers
The fathers
The sons
The uncles
The husbands
And the men
That God Himself
Ordained us to be
Through our birth
Through the death
Of His
Only begotten Son

Reclaim your manhood

©2013 Don Savant