Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Two days later, I still can't stop smiling.  Why? Because I finally got baptized. 

Getting baptized is something that I've always wanted to do, while being something that I've always been afraid to do.  Why afraid? Well, 1) because I was afraid that as a Christian I would not be able to live up to what being baptized means.  I'm yet still an imperfect man with faults, flaws and failures.  I don't have any expectations of ever being perfect but I'm smart enough to know and realize that God deserves my absolute best.  2) I don't like being in water.  I mean, I will wade through a pool up to around the 6 foot mark and work my way back but that's about all you'll get our of me in a pool.  Knowing that someone has me in their hands and that they are about to lean me back off of my footing to dunk my head in the water has always been terrifying to me.

Alas, this past Sunday, it happened.  Leading up to it, I was nervous and would think about nothing but qhat night go wrong.  All through church service i kept saying to myself that it was going to rain but God kept the rain away.  I though I may not be ready, that I should wait to do it next time one comes up...but then God took over my thoughts and my fear went away.

I was excited, pumped up and all smiles leading up to this event.  I was ready... until I got into that pool and my pastors were standing on either side of me.  So many thoughts engulfed me that all I could see and focus on was water and sky.  I even told my pastors, y'all better not drop me...which, in 3 feet of water, I'm not sure how that could possibly be a problem...but I'm also the kind of pool person that would not have enough common sense to simply stand up. 

So here I am.  The announcement of my baptism has been made...everyone is looking at me with smiles on their faces, my mom and sister are looking proud and just as they are about to push me back I say hold on! Immediately after I say it...I get an overwhelming feels of calm around me that says "I've got you".  With that confirmation I let them know that I was ready.

After coming up I felt a serenity that still sits with me right now.  Thank You Lord for blessing me with the opportunity to be amongst your baptized children.